Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Gpi-A1 Glucosephosphate isomerase 1AS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Yr11 R11[1870] Reaction to Puccinia striiformis Westend. Resistance to stripe rust Joss-Cambier,Heines-VII(Yr2,Yr25)[1870]
Lr64 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 6AL[3629]
Nra Nitrate reductase activity CV: UC44-111(Nra),Anza(nra)[1870]
Sr9f Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 2BL[3599] CS[1870]
Gpi-B1 Glucosephosphate isomerase 1BS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Gpi-D1 Glucosephosphate isomerase 1DS[3599]
Gli-B2k Gliadin 6BS[3599] Skala[3599].
Gpi-D1a Glucose phosphate isomerase 1DS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
a-Amy-B2 Amy7B[1870] a-amylase 7BL[3599]
SrNorin40 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 6DS[1484] Sr5(close)[1484]
Gpi-D1b Glucose phosphate isomerase 1DS[3599]
Gli-A5a Gliadin 1AS[3599] CS[3599].
Tpi-D2 Triosephosphate isomerase 5DL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Gli-D2 Gld-6D[3599] Gliadin 6DS[3599]
Ep-D1d Endopeptidase 7DL[1870] Wheats with Lr19[1870]
Sr45 SrD;SrX[3599] Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 1DS[3599] 87-M-66-2-1,87-M-66-5-6,RL-5406[1870];T.taushii:RL-5289[1870].
HstH1-D1a Histone H1 proteins 5DL[3599] CS[3599]
SuLr23 Supressor of gene Lr23 for resistance to P.triticina 2DS[1870] Altar-84/TR.TA-219[3599]
Rht18 Reduced height. GA-sensitive T.durum: Icaro[3599].