Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Gli-R2 Sec2[3599] Gliadin 2RS[1870] S. cereale[3599]. ADL: CS/Imperial,Holdfast/King-II[1870]
Tc1 Phenol Colour Reaction of Kernels (tyrosinase in caryopsis) 2AL[1676] T. durum[1676]. Golden-Ball, SUL: Langdon*/(2A)TR.DS[3599].
Tc3 Tc[3599] Phenol Colour Reaction of Kernels (tyrosinase in caryopsis) 2DL[3599] TR.AE: CS, Timstein(Tc1), SUL: CS*/(2D)Timstein; TR.DR: Cocorit-71, Langdon, Langdon*/CS 2D(2A), Langdon*/CS 2B(2D); TR.DS: Israel-A[3599]
Tg1 Tg[3599] Tenacious glumes 2DS[3599] Ae. taushii[3599]. Synthetic ABD wheats[1870].
Ti-A2 Trypsin inhibition 5AL[3599] CS[1870]
Ti-Agi2 Trypsin inhibition 5Agi[3599] Ag. intermedium[3599]. ADL: Vilmorin-27/AG.IN[1870]
Ti-B2 Trypsin inhibition 5BL[3599] CS[1870]
Ti-D2 Trypsin inhibition 5DL[3599]
Ti-D2a Trypsin inhibition 5DL[3599] CS[1870]
Ti-D2b Trypsin inhibition 5DL[3599] Champlein[1870]
Ti-D2c Trypsin inhibition 5DL[3599] Synthetic[1870]
Ti-H1 Itc1[1870] Trypsin inhibition 3H[3599] Hordeum[3599]. ADL: CS/Betzes[1870]
Ti-Mt2 Trypsin inhibition 5Mt[3599] Ae. mutica[3599]. ADL: CS/AE.MU[1870]
Ti-R1 Trypsin inhibition 3R[3599] S. cereal[3599]. ADL: CS/Imperial[1870]
Ti-R2 Trypsin inhibition 5RL[3599] S. cereale[3599]. ADL: CS/Imperial,CS/King-II[1870]
Ti-Sl2 Trypsin inhibition 5SlL[3599] Ae. sharonensis[3599]. ADL: CS/Ae.sharonensis[1870]
Ti-U2 Trypsin inhibition 1U[3599] Ae. umbellulata[3599]. ADL: CS/AE.UM[1870]
Tpi-A1 Triosephosphate isomerase 3AS[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
Tpi-A2 Triosephosphate isomerase 5AL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
cn-D1a cn-D1,cn3[3599] Chlorina 7DL NIL: Chlorina-214[3599]; CV: CD-3[3599].