Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Lr47 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 7AS=Ti7AS-7S#1S-7AS.7AL[3599] Ae.speltoides[3599] 7A:KS-90-H-450,CI-17882,CI-17884,CI-17885; 7AS:PI-603919; 7AL:PI-603919[3599]
Rc-A1a Rc1[3599];R[3599] Red/purple coleoptile 7AS[3599] SUL:Chinese Spring*6/(7A)Hope;MG-4343[3599]
Pan2 Purple anthers 7AS[3599] Rc1(9.2cM)[3599] TR.DS[3599] MG-4343[3599]
Msg Control of megasporogenesis 7AS[3599] TR.DR: Langdon[1870]
Sgp-A1a Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] CS[1870]
Wx-A1e Waxy protein 7AS[1870] T.durum[1870] TR.DR: KU-3655,KU-3659[1870]
Wx-A1a Wx-B1a[1870] Waxy protein 7AS[1870] CS,Hoshuu[1870]
Sgp-A3a Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] CS[1870]
Sgp-A1c Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] Hua-Non-9[1870]
Amp-A3b Aminopeptidase 7AS[1870] Timstein[1870]
Sgp-A3 Starch granule protein 7AS[1870]
Sgp-A3b Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] Norin-61[1870]
Wx-A1d Waxy protein 7AS[1870] T.dicoccoides[1870] TR.DS: KU-8937-B[1870]
Wx-A1c Waxy protein 7AS[1870] Qt-105,WB-6[1870]
Sgp-A1 Starch granule protein 7AS[1870]
Wx-A1b Wx-B1b[1870] Waxy protein 7AS[1870] Kanto-79,Kanto-107,Shirodaruma,Sturdy,Astrodur[3599]
Sgp-A1b Starch granule protein 7AS[1870] Chosen-30,Chosen-57[1870]
Amp-A3a Aminopeptidase 7AS[1870] Chinese Spring[1870]
Wx-A1f Waxy protein 7AS[1870] Turkey-124,Turkey-140,Turkey-171[3599].
Amp-A3 Aminopeptidase 7AS[1870] Chinese Spring[1870]