Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Per-B4 Per2[3599] Peroxidase PER-4 4A,4AL[1870]
Srdp2 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 6AS[1484] T. turgidum cv. GOLDEN BALL[1484].
LrVPM Temporarily designated gene for resistance to leaf rust 7DL[1484][1870]
Rht-D1c Rht10[3599] Reduced height. GA-insensitive 4D,4DS[3599] Cv:Ai-Bian[3599].
scs Ncc[3599] Nuclear-cytoplasmic compatability enhancers 1AL[3599] T.timopheevii[3599]
Lr14 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 7B,7BL[1484]
Rol Rollet leaves NELL (Krasnodar)[1676].
PmG Resistant to powdery mildew
Tri-D1 Triplet proteins 1DS[3599]
PmCh Resistant to powdery mildew
Ep-B1 Ep1[3599] Endopeptidase 7BL[3599]
Mal-B1 Malic enzyme 3BL[3599]
Lr17 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 2A,2AS[3599] Lr37/Sr38/Yr17(close)[1484]
Wsp-B1 Water soluble protein 7BL[1870]
Sst Solid stem 3B[1298]
Lr2 Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. 1B,2DS[3599]
Bla1 Black awns 1A[3599] Gli-A1(2.3%),Hg(1.2-1.5%)[3599]
Ph1I Inhibitor of pairing homeologous Ae.speltoides[1870]
Qsev.mgb-7A Sedimentation Value 7BS[1977]
Qsev.mgb-6A Sedimentation Value 6AL[1977]