Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Rht-D1 Reduced height. GA-insensitive 4D,4DS[3599]
Rol Rollet leaves NELL (Krasnodar)[1676].
Ep-D1 Endopeptidase 7DL[3599]
Rht13 Reduced height. GA-sensitive 7BS[3599] Bl:Magnif 41M1 (CI-17689)[3599].
Ep-B2 Endopeptidase 6BS[1870]
Nor-B1 Nor1[3599] Nucleolus organizer regions 1BS[3599]
Aco-A1 Aconitase 6AL[3599]
Per-A3 Peroxidase PER-3 3AL[3599]
Lr Reaction to Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. Resistance to leaf rust.
W2b Glaucousness/waxiness/glossiness
PmCh Resistant to powdery mildew
PmG Resistant to powdery mildew
SrKt2 Reaction to Puccinia graminis Pers. 2BL[1484] Sr9(I),cent(I),Sr28(0.29-0.38)[1484] T. aestivum (Kota)[1484].
Pp2 Purple pericarp 7A[3599] T.durum Desf.Subsp.abyssinicum Vav.[3599]
Aco-Mv2 Aconitase 5Mv[1870]
Per-D1 Peroxidase PER-1 1DS[3599]
Per-A4 Per3[3599] Peroxidase PER-4 7A,7AS[3599]
Per-B2 Peroxidase PER-2 2BS[3599]
Gpc-B1a Grain protein content
Vrn-H3 Sh3[3599] Response to vernalization 7HS[3599]