Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
a-Amy-B2 Amy7B[1870] a-amylase 7BL[3599]
a-Amy-B1a Amy4,Amy6B1,Amy6B2o[1870] a-amylase 6BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]
a-Amy-Agi2 a-amylase 7Agi[3599] Ag. intermedium[3599]. ADL: Vilmorin-27/AG.IN[1870]
AhasL-B1 Imi2[3599] Acetohydroxyacid synthase EC (Imidazolinone resistance) 6BL[3599] CDC-Teal-IMI-11A=PTA-3953[3599]
AhasL-A1 Imi3[3599] Acetohydroxyacid synthase EC (Imidazolinone resistance) 6AL[3599] CDC-Teal-IMI-15A[3599].
AhasL-D1 Imi1[3599] Acetohydroxyacid synthase EC (Imidazolinone resistance) 6DL[3599] BW-755[3599]
als1 Acetolactate synthase (resistance to Clearfield herbicide) D-genome From FS-4
als2 Acetolactate synthase (resistance to Clearfield herbicide) B-genome From TEAL-11-A
Acph-Mv1 Aph-v[1870] Acid phosphatase 4Mv[1870] H-93-33[1870]
Acph-D2 Acph1[3599] Acid phosphatase 2DL[3599] TR.TA[3599]
Acph-A1 Acph2,Acph3,Acph-B1[1870] Acid phosphatase 4AS[203][1870] Chinese Spring[1870].
Acph-B1 Acph4,Acph8,Acph-A1[1870] Acid phosphatase 4BL[1870] Chinese Spring[1870].
Acph-R1 Acid phosphatase 7R,7RS[1870] S. cereale[3599]. ADL: CS/Imperial[1870]
Acph-H1 Acid phosphatase 4H[3599] Hordeum[3599]. ADL: CS/Betzes[1870]
Acph-D1 Acph5,Acph6[3599] Acid phosphatase 4DL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870].
Acph-Ss1 Acid phosphatase 4Ss[1870] T.searsii[1870] ADL: CS/T.searsii[1870].
Aco-D2 Aconitase 4DL[1870] Chinese Spring[1870]
Aco-B2b Aconitase 4BL[1870] PI-278437[1870]
Aco-E1 Aconitase 6Ebeta[3599] E. elongata[3599]. ADL: CS/E.elongata[1870]
Aco-B1a Aconitase 6BL[3599] Chinese Spring[1870]