Last update : 2017-01-09

Gene List

Symbol Synonym Name Local Linkage Origin Tester
Aadh-A1b Aromatic alcogol dehydrogenase 5AL[3599] T.spelta: K-24696[1870]
a-Amy-D1c Amy6D1m,Amy6D2[1870] a-amylase 6DL[3599] T.spelta var.duhamelianum[1870]
Pm1d Reaction to Erysiphe graminis DC. 7A,7AL[3599] T.spelta var.duhamelianum TRI2258[1870]
Cre4 CcnD2,Ccn-D2[1870] Reaction to Heterodera avenae, resistance to cereal cyst nematode 2D[1870] T.tauschi[3599] T.tauschii:AUS-18914,CPI-110813[1870]
Pm35 Reaction to Erysiphe graminis DC. 5DL[3599] T.tauschii_ssp.strangulata[3599] T.tauschii_ssp.strangulata: TA-2377; NC-96-BGTD-3[3599].
Dn3 dn3[2779] Resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Reaction to Diuraphis noxia) T.taushii[1739][2779]. T.taushii-SQ-24, SQ-24(TR.TA)/(TR.TG)TD-65[3599]
Vi Restorer for cytoplasmic male sterility for T.longissimum cytoplasm 1B,1BS[3599] Selkirk s tsitoplazmoi T.cylindricum[3599]. T.turgidum[3599]
Glu-D1-2e Y-type glutenins 1DL[3599] Tudest[1870]
Glu-D1j Allele encoding HMW subunits of glutenin 1DL[3599] Tudest[1870]
Pinb-D1ab Puroindolines and grain softness protein Tuokexunyihao,KU-3062,KU-3069[3599].
Wx-A1f Waxy protein 7AS[1870] Turkey-124,Turkey-140,Turkey-171[3599].
Bls5 Reaction to Xanthomonas campestris pv.indulosa (Bacterial leaf streak) Turnco-F-88,Angostura-F-88(Bls1)[1870]
Gli-B1null Gliadin 1BS[3599] Tuzelle,Florence-Aurora[3599].
YrTye Temporarily designated gene for resistance to stripe rust 6D[1870] Tyee[1870]
Pina-D1q Puroindolines and grain softness protein 5DS[3599] U-29,Muu-27[3599].
Psy1-B1a Psy-B1a[3599] Phytoene synthase 1 (EC 7BL[3599] UC-1113[3599]
Lpx-B1.1a Lipoxygenase 4BS[3599] UC-1113[3599].
Lpx-B3 Lipoxygenase 4B[3599] UC-1113,Kofa[3599]
Lpx-A3 Lipoxygenase 4AL[3599] UC-1113,Kofa[3599]
Ba1 Ba[3599] Blue aleurone 4B[3599] Elytrigia pontica[3599]. UC66049B[3599]